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Services and Prices

Prices listed  for regular rates and also note for first time client discounts. 

Sports Massage

Sports Massage  targets  areas that are sometimes overworked  related to  sports such as knee or shoulder pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage targets the deepest area of the muscle to release tension and reduce pain in a specific area.

Traditional Chinese

Chinese massage techniques  help relieve tension and pain by pushing ,pulling and kneading the muscles

Hot Stone

Add Hot Stone Massage to your  90 minute Massage for an extra


Menu of Services

Standard prices

60 minute session   $75

90 minute session   $100

100 minute with hot stone   $120

Package Specials

60 minutes  x 3   $180.00

90 minutes  x 3   $250.00

100 minutes with hot stone x 3  $300.00

All programs offer free aromatherapy

Free Aromatherapy with all massages




Add Hot Stone 20.00


Add Cupping 20.00


Add 30 minutes 40.00

Hot Stone or Chinese Cupping

Add Hot Stone Massage or Chinese Cupping Massage to your 90 minute Massage for an extra

20.00 each

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